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Can I determine approximate date of manufacture based on MAC address?

New Contributor II
We found a few Ruckus AP's broadcasting similar names to my client's corporate SSID, but they may be on different floors of our building - that were leased to a different company many years ago.

They are not on my client's floors (weak signal only in one corner near a window) but due to the similarity in SSIDs have now gotten the attention of the security department. They may be on floors higher up  in the building- since my client used to own those floors.

We are curious if the detected MAC addresses could indicate the possible date of manufacture. That could at least indicate if this theory is possible- that they may have been installed years ago, never removed, and left powered.

Getting access to those floors for inspection is not possible yet, without major bureaucratic corporate decisions, hence trying to discern as much as possible with given information.

Sample addresses:



Alas, Charles, if the information network of the building is decentralized, then you will have to solve this problem with bureaucratic methods.

Yeah, that's what I told them!  Everybody wants some magic answer.

Hi Charles,
    Unfortunately, the AP MAC address, which is used to represent up to 15 wireless SSIDs, does not help date the AP. The Serial number of an AP, has date code details.
    Can you connect to any of those similar SSIDs seen in that upstairs area?  I'd also suggest a wireless trace, to really see all that's in the air.


Hi Michael,
Thanks for the reply. I'm working to educate the security director on such things as why there are multiple SSIDs and multiple MAC addresses detected, even though there may only be a few actual APs with those IDs/addresses.
The signals were too weak to connect to from within my client's offices, and as mentioned, they are resisting trying to contact the upstairs tenant (that's out of my pay-grade). We'll see what happens down the road.

Contributor III
if it helps at all, 2C:5D:93 - is the same as many of my older 7982's. 38:FF:36, could be an R600. C0:8A:D shows to be 7982's as well.

Good luck, happy hunting.