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AP remains disconnected on the ZD on WAN

New Contributor
I'm a newbie and my boss asked me to deal with APs and ZD.

We have our ZD in a datacenter, connected to WAN. My job is to reinstall some APs (7372) at one of our clients. The APs were once connected to the ZD so they're registered in it.
The APs are connected to an OverTheBox which has access to the Internet. I successfully opened the HTTPS port so that I can access the APs everywhere.
But they remain disconnected on ZD's interface. I don't know what I do wrong or what I haven't done.

I want to point the fact that we have APs working great on this ZD, the way I want to do. 

If someone knows how to deal with this, a little procedure or anything, that will be awesome.


P.S.: I'm really knew to Ruckus and network in general, apologize for my mistakes

Contributor III
Does your firewall(s) and their logs offer any clues? sounds like there would me more then just HTTPS needing to be open (nat?) on the data center side? also, are you trying to connect using an FDQN? do your Ruckus APs resolve that DNS name?

Valued Contributor
Hi Alexi,

From the AP, can you ping the remote ZoneDirector appliance IP?

This KB article may help:


I just tried from the AP to the ZD and I go no response from it.
I have been following the article since the beggining and it didn't help me so much.


[EDIT] After verification, it works. I got response from the ZD