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Bulk AP Import with Channel Assignment

New Contributor III
Does the bulk AP import tool have the ability to add channel assignments and other AP-specific configurations, or only what is in the standard csv template?

Re auto vs static channels - understood.  After all, the controllers provide both auto and manual options to support both approaches.

Re static channels - if you're using any variant of SmartZone (vSZ, SZ-100, etc) starting from SZ OS 5.x, you can use my tool DogTag to set static channels using a CSV file.

NB: This is my own development, it's not supported nor endorsed by Ruckus in any way.  Test it out on a small setup first and use it at your own risk.

Get it from

That is awesome, thanks much!  Is there a way to modify for ZD models?

Unfortunately, no.  The tool interacts with the SZ using the API, which the ZD does not have.

One way you could do this on ZD is to script CLI commands and run them via SSH.  Not easy or clean. but it could work.