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BSSID MAC Extraction for Specific SSID

New Contributor III
Our client is asking if we have a way to extract BSSID MAC for specific/certain SSID.

Contributor III
What do you mean by extraction?

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Clifford,

The AP CLI command: get wlanlist shows the BSSID per SSID for each WLAN interface.

I hope this information is helpful,

thanks for selecting Ruckus Networks - a Commscope company.

New Contributor III
Hi Albert,

Thanks. This is similar to going to each AP and checking the SSID being broadcasted right? What client is asking is to create a script or API to get all the BSSID MAC Address of a specific SSID. Just a background of the current setup, we currently have 3node cluster SZ300 with 500zone with multiple ssid per zone and 1 common ssid in all the zone. We already have around 500 zones. Client wanted to get all the BSSID MAC Address of the common SSID.

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Clifford,

There is an API call in SZ/vSZ  - /query/ap/wlan

 For some more details on using this command please check the following KBA article:

Retrieve  ¶GET/v7_0/rkszones/{zoneId}/wlans/{id}

Use this API command to retrieve a WLAN.

How to display more then 10 result entries for an API query. 

When using the API query to get BSSID's from all AP's the query would return only 10 entry by default. We would need to modify the query body for the return entries with "limit": X (where X is the number of entries returned).

I hope this information is helpful.