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Application Visibility impact on CPU

New Contributor III

Does anyone has some experience with the Application Visibility feature?

How much does it impact an AP CPU utilization / ZD CPU utilization?

AP – ZF7982, R700, R710

ZD – ZD3k

The average load per AP in terms of clients:  50

With only 8 APs the ZD3k (9.12) shows CPU 40% and the webUI seems rather slow. I don’t know if it is related to this feature being enabled or not.



Esteemed Contributor II

It's true that Application Visibility will add to your ZD resource utilization.

It has about the same level of resource consumption as Real Time Monitoring.

Both are to be avoided in a more taxing environment, but your ZD w/8 APs

averaging 50 users would be about medium level usage, so evaluate and use the

feature if needed/helpful.

New Contributor III
Thank you for your answer Michael.

To follow up: After disabling the Application Visibility we saw a 10% decrease in the ZD3k CPU.
However, the ZD3k webUI was still slow with and the CPU 30-40% (even with no APs).

On ZD5k works fine (max ZD CPU 5%).