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Apple OSX devices getting no internet while connected to Ruckus APs

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We have an environment with 36 R510 APs spread among 12 floors with 2 ZD1200's on the back end. We notice on a daily basis that random set of Wifi users cannot browse the internet or get disconnected in the middle of a video call even though they have full bars for Wifi.  This is an issue because the building is 100% wireless. We have turned off DFS channels, and tweaked power levels accordingly to minimize overlap. It seems that only Apple users are effected. Are there any known issues with Ruckus and Apple devices?

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Hello, I had the same problem, Windows users ran smoothly and Apple devices connected and disconnected randomly.
   I solved this by changing the encryption options, choosing only AES instead of TKIP+AES in the Wlans configuration. He hasn't given me any more trouble since then.



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Just posted a similar problem, we already use just AES. Our quick fix is to reboot the affected AP as it seems to suddenly impact on just one. Wondered whether it was some kind of attack from the user devices which are BYOD but the logs seem remarkably empty of any useful info, all I see is the reboot we trigger.

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Bump on this, seems like there are issues with Macs in particular. Has nothing to do with symbols in WiFi but roaming features intended to move devices to best coverage seems to “stall” Mac devices instead. What we observed are Macs that are connected at full strength (5 bars), will time out (stay connected), and either re-associate after a few minutes or user has to disconnect and reconnect manually to get internet again. Only Macs though, any idea why?

We had MASSIVE problems with this , specifically macs & the WIFI chips and R500 /510 

we updated all macs to the latest os & then the  rucus to the latest firmwares.
turned off 2.4 and now we can roam over 3 floors.

We found that sometimes the macs  WILL NOT let go of a distant  AP, they fight to maintain the shitty signal even if a new ap is closer, so you might be stuck tied to a 50% sig and there is a 97% sitting over u.
cleaning out all the stupid "remembered" connections in the mac control panel goes a long way to helping.

it seems more of an issue with badly placed wifi points.
Then you get the nonsense with "dual points" where the mac  swaps between 2.4 & 5 depending on how it feels, seems swapping frequency AND AP does not cleanly maintain the connection.

then there is the issue of "sleep", if you are in a meeting room and tied to a WIFI & sleep, tehn come out of the room and relocate AP's... the mac just swallows packets,   turning the wifi on/off fixes it.

oh and YES .. symbols in the names WILL affect the mac, mac follows the RFC exactly.
strange chars, may not pass the unicode values correctly  "_-#$@" etc
you will see the same with naming macs & DNS/ DHCP names.

Wow this relates to our circumstances to a tee.
I am just dumbfounded how others , perhaps in bigger environments (schools, stadiums, etc.) that’s use Ruckus devices and support Mac users tolerate such poor interoperability.