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Any reason a wired AP would go to mesh sporadically?

New Contributor
Got a peculiar situation where a wired AP started swapping (seemingly without reason) to a mesh connection, and then back to a wired connection, back and forth. Prior to this, (before having MESH enabled on ZoneDirector) I didn't have problems with this AP in particular. Another somewhat funny aspect is that it is POE, so the physical connection is always maintained

So, this leads me to a few possibilities:
1. I have bad cabling which somehow effects the AP enough to turn it onto MESH (which is otherwise not detected, as the AP is stable with MESH disabled)
2. The MESH connection is detected as faster and then switches over as a "preferred link" - (is that possible within the realms of the software?"

My question is this - is point #2 possible? When APs are connected by wire, do they try and connect to the mesh? Thanks for any help on this!

Esteemed Contributor II
An AP will not switch to Mesh mode because it sees wireless as "faster", but only
because it's wired connection to the ZD thru the VLAN default-gateway appears
to be broken, perhaps intermittently in your case. Changing AP cable/switch port
might help, and evaluate any network bottlenecks between AP and ZD is advised.

New Contributor
Ok great - thanks Michael

Valued Contributor II

Look at duplex settings, latency between AP and ZD, Look at ETH ports of both AP and switch.
For a wired AP, connection through wire to ZD is primary and wired AP looks for ZD on wireless thro mesh only when ZD is not reachable on wire.

Hope this helps.