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Ansible module for configuration of Ruckus Wireless products

New Contributor III

Did someone already create Ansible modules for Ruckus? 

There are for Aruba and


New Contributor II
alexf is correct.  Ansible is a popular open-source multi-vendor configuration tool with many network plugins.  We use it to manage our Cisco network, even though it is not made by Cisco.  Ruckus should seriously consider building a plugin for Ansible to stay relevant with new configuration and automation requirements.

Esteemed Contributor II
Thanks for the feedback Folks!  I'm pushing Product Marketing to listen...

We are looking into using Ansible as well with our infrastructure. If Ruckus has no support for Ansible, we may consider alternative wireless devices for our environment and all our clients.

My advice is to petition for support thru your local System Engineer, who can file an FR for Product Marketing to evaluate.

I still can't find any ansible modules for SmartZone products. Do I get it right, that Product Marketing did not listen in the past 5 years?