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All my ruckus APs lost power simultaneously. There are no lights at all on the APs around the house.

New Contributor

The switch has power, 1 green light 1 amber light. I did unplug it and try and power cycle the whole setup to no avail. It happened out of no where and I dont think I even had a power surge. So confused, everything online says to begin by getting the switch IP address but everything is down and the switch is probably the problem, how am I supposed to connect to it? Am I supposed to hard wire in somewhere?


New Contributor

Btw by switch I mean the big hub everything connects to and it uses a PoE setup.

Update, when I was able to connect via the serial port, I get into the switch and can't run any of the commands I'm seeing because it is saying ICX7150-Boot>


Your ICX switch is not operational. Try unplugging the power cable and plug it back in. Hopefully the ICX is able to boot this time. If not booting, the ICX has an issue and we need to investigate deeper.

Let me know how it goes.

With regards,
Orlando Elias
Technical Support