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All R320 in the building are Offline in new setup

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Hey Guys 

i have a project with 2x Smartzone100 and the following Access points





we commissioned the system as follows

controller version:

Controller plane version:

Data plane version:

AP firmware version:

NONE of the R320 Access points are working. all other are working great.

when we do a hard reset the R320 AP reboots and we can see the AP communicating 

and it picks a IP address. then after a short while the connection times out

then we see that it reverts back to the default IP. 

so we have communication for a short while and then it goes back to offline.

UPDATE:  i have just returned from the project. we discovered that most of the R320 have a duplicate IP address

maybe about 80-90% of them have the same IP address has another AP. 

Image_ images_messages_6118cc1abf36d2781dfae3d7_bc1057f0c021029236f3cc016f750565_IMG20210815WA0027-597d37d2-2f99-40c7-b183-43d18220d924-1983660059.jpeg

R320s have two different firmware versions and on them

but the H320/R510/T310c have the latest 

Image_ images_messages_6118cc1abf36d2781dfae3d7_594c57d46beb983923303d7112edc7c5_IMG20210815WA0014-001435c4-10f4-44cb-9728-af5cd37f3fe2-1279515308.jpg

i can see the following msg in the log

Code 302 AP rebooted :   AP [RuckusAP MAC address **time** ] was rebooted because of  [/usr/sbin/cubic application, cubic , reboot due to WLAN migration; application , Cubic, reboot due to firmware change[

code 303 AP disconnected 

Image_ images_messages_6118cc1abf36d2781dfae3d7_82255167080d2e14dd7071af47f02df9_IMG20210814WA0006-c590d79c-ddf6-4754-baa2-1d130b3e031c-1245282738.jpg




Hi Mohammad,

Check below points.

  • Make sure latest application of 5.2.2 is installed on the controller.
  • Check if these APs are on a different network vs the other working AP models. If yes, check and make sure network connection is fine and all the required ports are open between the AP-Controller.
  • About the AP having same/duplicate IP address, check if DHCP part of the network is fine or not. Try setting one AP with an valid static IP address using its CLI or GUI.
    set ipaddr wan yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz (x= IP, y=subnet, z=subnet)

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