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After 9.12.1 (build 148) ac clients are slow

New Contributor III
When I had 9.12.0 on a ZD my ac clients (iPhone 6s) were getting 248Mbps.  After I upgraded the ZD1205 to 9.12.1 the clients are getting 89Mbps. 

No changes were made to the WLAN.  I had one WLAN with both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz radios on.  With only three clients on the system, it seems to be steering the ac clients to 2.4GHz band.  

If I create a 2.4GHz WLAN and a 5.0GHZ WLAN and force the ac client to the 5.0GHz I can get 248Mbps again.  But I always find the apple products have poor habits and tend to flip back to the 2.4GHz WLAN and get slow speeds again.

There is one access point, R600, in the system.  

I didn't see any of this with 9.12.0

Thoughts or ideas?  I don't want to create two WLANS and be broadcasting two SSID's.  I'd like to have the ac clients get directed to the AC band automatically.  Load balancing and Band balancing are enabled.  Just like it was on 9.12.0 but something seems to be different.  

Contributor II
I have always thought that most apple products were steered more towards latching to the 5g band if it was available as well.

Nearly all wifi devices nowadays should support the 5g band so if possible I would just disable the 2.4 and use the 5.

New Contributor III
In my experience, I usually find the complete opposite.  I find the apple products to be very strange at the best of times in what/how they do things.  

While disabling the 2.4GHz for the test system isn't an issue.  I have a job coming up that will require it.  

Is there a way to downgrade the ZD back to 9.12.0?  

New Contributor III
Hrm, we are getting 175mbps on our iPad air 2s and our samsung phones.  Do you have bandsteering enabled and a high percentage to 5Ghz?

Valued Contributor II
Yeah, I've had no problems with Apple clients and the 9.12.1 MR refresh. Right now all my Apple clients are on 5GHz.