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Adding AP to AD in different subnet

New Contributor III

I have a new (3rd) Ruckus AP i want to add to my network, but i am having a hard time doing so.
My network is:
Bridge LAN

The ZD1100 + 2x indoor APs are working find in I want to add the 3rd into the Network. Bridge is a Ruckus Outdoor APs, 2 only. Each LAN 1 & 2 have firewalls to connect to each other over the bridge and internet.

So, the first thing i did was connect the 3rd AP to the LAN2 and the ZD changed the firmware and auto joined it, cool. Then i removed it and connected it to the LAN1, but this is where the trouble starts. The ZD said it lost the heart beat of something, so i deleted the AP Entry from the ZD + reset the AP hoping it would auto join, but no. Another reboot, now the AP's "DIR" light keeps flashing, and the ZD says: This Access Point is not approved/joined yet. Please connect it to proceed configuration. But it has Auto approve ticked.

So, i am stuck.

Anybody has any ideas?