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Add secondary network to AP 7762

New Contributor II
We have about 30 Ruckus 7762 AP's installed currently in the network. We have a new company onsite that we are going to setup vlan's on our cisco switches and to be on their own network. Now they want to use the wireless AP's for their network also. Currently our network is all using ether port 1. Is the only way to activate a second SSID and have it refered to their network, is to pull another cable to Ether port 2 on AP's? This is going to be a lot of work, so wanted to make sure it is our only option. To use 1 AP for 2 networks and 2 different SSID's that are seperate. 

Esteemed Contributor II
You can use a single AP port, but you need the switch it connects into to support a trunk of 2 or more VLANs.
One your current/original VLAN, and also with their alternative VLAN.  An SSID can be defined that uses their
VLAN, and clients will receive IPs on that VLAN.

New Contributor II
We have cisco 3560 access witches on layer 3 running Dynamic routing EIGRP. So what I do is set the ports that it connects to on the switch as a trunk port? Then the AP will get both network VLAN's for our network and the new tenants? Is this correct?

New Contributor II
Another quick question. We created the second SSID name. How do you tell it which Vlan IP range to connect to. See there is an option "Access Vlan" where you can tag a vlan id. Any other, places I must check.