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Access Points Disappeared

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My access point from my home disappeared this morning. We had no power outage last night, so I don't have a clue as to what is happening. 

I have two access points, one on each floor. They both have a green power light, but the 2.4G & 5G lights are amber. I am not tech savvy, I just need these access points working, so I can have internet connection upstairs. I tried unplugging the switch in the closet and that didn't work.


Please, can someone provide step-by-step instructions on what to do?


This is possible because I live in a Lennar community.

Is there a way to prevent this from ever happening again after I regain access. Factory resetting it doesnt work. I dont see a wifi signal that starts with CONFIGURE.ME-

If you have a laptop with ethernet port, just plug it to the same RUCKUS switch where your RUCKUS APs are connected.

Now you have to use some IP scanner application to scan the network and findout the AP's IP address. Once you get AP IP, access it from browser and it should give you the setup wizard page.

To avoid unauthorized access, make sure you do not use default credentials and use some secure password for Unleashed admin login.

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Hi @Jediahisrael 

Also, make sure to turn off all other access points and apply the reset to the access point that has the lights on.

You are going to hear like a click while you are pressing the Reset ( hold about 15 / 20 /30 seconds ) 

Process sometimes needs to be done multiples times.

Best Regards

Fernando Vasquez