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Access Point password in zonedirector

New Contributor II
we are using indoor en outdoor access points in our company. We control all AP's via zonedirector. I just join this firm. One of IT company this zonedirector configured. when we add a new access point and its perfectly work. After the installation zonedirector automatic change password of my access point. kindly can anyone suggest me where i can find this settings. How can I change a password of configured AP's.

Contributor II
you don't need to change anything on your AP, also not the password. but, it is the same like on your ZD

New Contributor II
Hello Thomas,
Thank u for ur replay.
I don't change anything. It is automatically change. Before installation AP, as stand alone I can access web interface via user name (super) & password (sp-admin). But after installation en joining zonedirector, it is change en I can't user anymore old use name en password. I have also tried to use user name en password of zonedirector but its also dosen't work.

New Contributor III
In my case the user name and password were replaced by the default admin user and password that are used on the ZD. i suggest you to check once again.

New Contributor II
In my company already 300 AP's. All Ap's web interface I can access via one password. I am 100% sure this password set a IT company. this password I found in old documentation. When I installed new AP's in Zonedirector & dafault password automatically changed to as old password. I tried to find this setting in zonedirector but I am coudn't.