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Access Point not connecting to SmartZone

New Contributor II
We have setup Access point with Smart Zone-100 controller. but AP is not conect with SZ100. pls help how to troubleshoot, i'm new in ruckus infra.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Sameer,

Please check the below things.

- AP which you are connecting to the SZ should be supported by it. Verify the same in the SZ firmware release notes in our support site.

- AP firmware should be on 100.x or 3.x firmware to join the SZ. If AP is running on any other version, please upgrade it to latest 100.x release.

- Check the reachability between the AP and the SZ. Login to the AP SSH using putty tool and do a ping test to SZ.

- Are you seeing any particular log message on the SZ with respect to AP? Check under All Events/Activities on the SZ GUI.

- If AP and SZ are in different subnets behind firewall, please make sure all the necessary ports are open.

- If AP and SZ are in the same subnet, login to the AP SSH and give the following commands.

rkscli: set scg ip

Example : set scg ip

rkscli: reboot


I have the same problem in the following environment:
vSZ-E (4 vCPU, 16GB RAM, 100GB HDD)
**Controller version:
**Control Plane Software Version:
**AP firmware version:

**initially managed by an old ZD1100(firmware 9.10)

I did the following with my r500:
1.set factory
3.Upgraded firmware to standalone 100.1
4.set scg ip
5.(from the management menu of the r500) Specified the controller IP
6.set discovery-agent enabled

repeated the process with firmware 104.0 & 110.0

Nothing seems to work, the r500 does not join the vSZ-E, no log messages. Only the ZD1100 can see the r500(when I reconnect the ZD1100 to my LAN)

I use OPNsense as a DHCP server, AP and vSZ-E are on the same LAN (no NAT present), AP can ping vSZ and vice versa.
show lwapp2scg --> "accept all"

But when APs are under the control of ZD1100 (9.10), the vSZ tries to upgrade the r500 firmware in infinite loop as seen in events of vSZ-E:
- Migrating AP1
- Migrated AP1
- Migrating AP1
- Migrated AP1
- Migrating AP1
- Failed to upgrade AP1
- Migrating AP1
- etc...


Hi Emrah,

Are you using migration option on the vSZ ?

Abilash PR.

Hi Abilash,
Thanks for the reply 🙂
The migration option isn't possible because the ZD firmware is on 9.10 and cannot upgrade it... The migration works only from 9.13 and onwards

Best regards,