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Access Point R510 doesn't receive an ip address from Windows DHCP server

New Contributor

I connected a R510 Access Point with a switch but the R510 doesn't receive an ip address from the Windows DHCP Server. With a notbook connected on the same switch port I receive one.

Lldp shows me the following informations:
  Neighbor: C8:08:73:0B:20:20/C8:08:73:0B:20:20, age 4 seconds
    - Chassis ID type: MAC address (4)
      Chassis ID     : C8:08:73:0B:20:20
    - Port ID type: MAC address (3)
      Port ID     : C8:08:73:0B:20:20
    - Time To Live: 120 seconds
    - System Name: "RuckusAP"
    - System Description: "Ruckus R510 Multimedia Hotzone Wireless AP/SW Ver\
    - System Capabilities : "Bridge, WLAN AP, Router"
      Enabled Capabilities: "Bridge, WLAN AP"
    - Management Address Subtype: IPv4 (1)
      Management Address        :
      Interface Number Subtype  : Unknown (1)
      Interface Number          : 0
      Object ID String          : "null"
    - Port Description: "eth0"
    - IEEE802.3 Link-aggregation
      Capability/Status : Capable, Disabled (0x01)
      Aggregated Port ID: 0 (0x00000000)
Do anyone know which reason this should be?

Kind regards,
Hans Vedder