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AP unable to get IP from ISP that uses CGN (CGNAT)

New Contributor II
Both my Ruckus R710 and 7982 have worked just fine as standalone router/gateway/ap in my previous home, connected directly to a fiber converter and receiving public IP from the ISP. But I have just moved to a new home where the ISP uses CGN (CGNAT), and neither AP is able to get an IP when connected to the fiber converter here. Wireless and everything else works just fine, but the AP defaults to when trying to acquire IP from ISP using the DHCP setting, so clients cannot reach the internet.

A workaround is having the clients bridged through the AP to WAN (using "bridge to wan" instead of local subnet), in which case each client gets assigned an external IP (actually semi-external because of CGN) from the ISP. This is not ideal because the ISP only lets me use 4 IP addresses, and I can't access the AP in this mode.

Has anyone gotten Ruckus APs to work with ISPs that use CGN? Are there any settings I can change in CLI to make the AP get an IP? The problem applies both to Unleashed firmware and the 100.4 standalone firmware.

Esteemed Contributor II
Thanks for the CGNAT definition, and I do see the problem.

I cannot see an easy solution, but depending on the client subnet mask, can you risk assigning
your APs static IPs at the far end of the range, and still use 'bridge to WAN' for up to 4 WiFi clients...
who might get workable CGNAT addresses to go thru the ISP?  If you only get /22-bit subnet, no go.