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Ruckus AP command not recognized

New Contributor II
Hi Guys,

I am trying to connect a brand new Ruckus R500 v to a virtual smartzone. however, the AP cannot join the vSZ, nothing in the vSZ's Event tab.
when I try the command 'set scg ip x.x.x.x' on the AP CLI, it returns 'command not recognized'. I tried with 'set director ip x.x.x.x' but the AP is still enable to join the vSZ.

- Does anybody knows why I have the message 'command not recognized'
- How can I troubelshoot this type of connectivity issues, I did not found anything on the vSZ's Event tab and I did not found the logs on the AP side.

Many thanks for your help

Contributor III
you have to issue the following commands:
set director ip X.X.X.X
set discovery-agent enable
Sometimes the discovery agent is not enabled on the AP's

If you want the AP to join a certain zone you need to issue:
set provisioning-tag zonename
For the above to work you also need to configure the provisioning option on the SZ and point it towards the correct zone.

Additionally have you checked the staging zone? as the AP will not join unless you set a provisioning rule

Good luck

Hello, this doesn't appear to work with my R600. I have ensured discovery-agent is enabled and set the director ip to my v-smartzone that sits in AWS cloud but unable to find it. Other ap's that i configure with set scg ip x.x.x.x find the controller no problem.
any help would be amazing.

Valued Contributor II
pls confirm software version on the R600 AP. I believe you got the incorrect software version...

Community Manager
Community Manager

If AP is running on 100.x version, you should first give the "get director ip " command so that AP will upgrade its firmware to vSZ's and then give the set scg ip command which will make the AP to join the vSZ.

In this case, did you observe the AP firmware after executing the command?

What is the firmware on the vSZ? If its running on 3.0.x, enable lwapp2scg on the vSZ and check.