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AP to ZD over WAN - Client DHCP Connectiviity Help

New Contributor III
I have APs (R710) behind a cable modem connecting to a ZD (1200). The APs connect and upgrade their firmware just fine, and with SSH tunneling enabled on the WLANs, they're able to broadcast the WLANs, but clients are not receiving IPs from the DHCP server. Here's my layout:

v10 - Management IP/24
v90 - Public IP/28
v100 - WLAN 1 - Public IP/30

Firewall / NAT Device
v10 - Management IP/24
v90 - Public IP/28 - Outdoor APs/MESH will use this LAN for IP connectivity
v100 - WLAN 1 - Public IP/30
v101 - WLAN 1 -

DHCP servers for v90 and V101 LAN live here.

v10 - Management IP/24
v90 - Public IP/28

Modems -> APs out in the field.

Feel like I'm missing something simple to get this to work. Should the DHCP servers be outside these networks with their own public IPs, and then enabling DHCP relay for the WLAN, for this to work?

The current setup is leftover from on older Cisco setup that we're upgrading. Maybe I just need to redesign all of this so it'll work with Ruckus. Any tips/ideas are welcome. Thanks.