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AP patch

New Contributor II
I configured a wireless network in the office with an R730 AP and SmartZone 100 model.

I recently updated the controller firmware to version
Then, in the Administator>Upgrade tab, the version of all components will appear as 5.2.0.xx.

Here, the problem, when selecting the AP assigned to the Zone in the Accesspoints> Accesspoints tab of the controller, the current firmware version is, which is different from the one indicated in the Administration above.

It is still unclear if this is a system error or requires further action.
Is there any problem with the current status? Also, is there a way to solve it?

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f8135b77e2479016df_b0294707de5e32f17cccd74cfc0d3e2a_RackMultipart2020060415987cv27-7d4021a5-eb74-4ddc-a407-3447de0ab149-1040842590.JPG1591251583

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f8135b77e2479016df_0dc59b94586deef7aaa2be734d2a5cfe_RackMultipart2020060427660zjtv-9ad0ac11-6aad-4995-b925-490abac90f7a-808612453.JPG1591251628