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AP goes offline after connecting to the Ruckus controller.

New Contributor II
Brand new ap (R720) running firmware with static ip address.  I ssh to the ap and add the ip address to the controller and reboot.   It connects to the controller and then goes offline.  The ap is still pingable.  I ran the command get scg and I received the following output.
rkscli: get scg
------ SCG Information ------
SCG Service is enabled.
AP is managed by SCG.
Server List:,
No SSH tunnel exists
Failover List: Not found
Failover Max Retry: 2
DHCP Opt43 Code: 6
Server List from DHCP (Opt43/Opt52): Not found
SCG default URL: RuckusController
SCG config|heartbeat intervals: 30|30
SCG gwloss|serverloss timeouts: 1800|7200
Controller Cert Validation : disable

I have enough license available for the ap.  I have reset the ap various time and no luck.