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AP for elevator solution with IP camera

New Contributor III

I am looking for solution to purpose for elevator IP cctv solution.
Initially I purpose using T310n located on top of the building pointing downwards to cover the elevator chamber
There are 2 elevator sharing with 1 chamber and having 27th floor in total for the residential building.
I was wondering is there any better idea to let those cctv inside the elevator connected seamlessly using wireless solution.

New Contributor II
A AP in the elevator shaft (R510 eg.) and aH510 in the elevataor itself. Both set in MESH mode.
because of the construction of the shaft (pure metal mostly) the only way to guarantee a wireless infrastructure.
We've done this before with success

New Contributor III
Hi Niko,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I just worried mesh will disconnect because the elevator is moving up and down with total of 27th floor.

Contributor III
A mesh link will not survive 27 floors.  Since newer elevators have plenty of network cable in the traveling cable, I assume this must be an older elevator.  If that's the case, you will probably have only Cat3 pairs to work with.  A good solution that we've used several times to in high-rise elevators is a pair of VDSL modems - one modem in the machine room with a network connection, the other one in the car.  The modems require a single Cat3 pair which hopefully you have available in the traveling cable.  Some models deliver data only, some deliver data + power over a single Cat3 pair.  The latter can also supply 802.3af POE to a device in the car.  We use different models from Netsys depending on the elevator and client requirements.  For example, the NV-202M can deliver data + power to the car using a single Cat3 pair.  To the device in the car it can supply POE and a 100Mb/s FD connection at 1,000 ft or 50Mb/s FD at 2,000 ft.  They have a new product called that's even faster but we have not used it.  

Valued Contributor II
just 2 suggestions:
first of all you can use mesh - you just need to put AP on the roof of elevator car, and another inside of car, connected by cable. 100 - 130m is perfectly supported by mesh and works well, actually you can support even much longer runs using directional antenna.
But if you have cable available, use it as David advised. It is the best way. In recent projects we had fiber cable available to car (multi-mode, in newer single-mode is available too), so we used it for both  WiFi and DAS connection, as well as for different data connections for screens, video, phone etc.