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AP for elevator solution with IP camera

New Contributor III

I am looking for solution to purpose for elevator IP cctv solution.
Initially I purpose using T310n located on top of the building pointing downwards to cover the elevator chamber
There are 2 elevator sharing with 1 chamber and having 27th floor in total for the residential building.
I was wondering is there any better idea to let those cctv inside the elevator connected seamlessly using wireless solution.

New Contributor

You can install a camera on the floor before the elevator entrance. Or in the elevator itself, but then you have to choose the viewing angle so that you can see the elevator space and everything outside the elevator when the doors open. You can also put cameras on the first floor of the building and in the elevator. With any of these options, you may need help from For me, it was more effective to stop the camera on each floor of the building. That way, there was complete control of what was happening indoors and outdoors.