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New Contributor II
We detected most of our AP with Flagged status. This status happened randomly with random APs. The Flagged type is AP health high connection failure flag. Code 330.
Do anyone has any idea why this issue can occurred and how to solve it.  

New Contributor III
FYI, I was told the same, that the new firmware will fix the problem. I upgraded my vSZ and APs to  There was no change.  I still have over half my APs in flagged status, despite having a very low number of devices compared to normal.

So new firmware, old firmware, same old story.

Just closing the loop on this one... got a final explanation for this on my case. Looks like Ruckus considers this new behavior a feature 😕

"As [redacted] mentioned, In 3.6 we introduced a new feature where the AP would calculate all types of client connection failures and report it to SZ. That's where you see a huge difference between 3.5 and 3.6. The AP would take into account Auth, Assoc, EAP, RADIUS and DHCP into account for reporting connection failures. In 3.5 AP didn't have even 50% of this ability.

In 3.5, SZ maintains the connection failure history for up to 1 week, AP reports failures in multiple counters to the controller. In 3.6.2 it is changed to use a different counter that was delta.

Please refer 3.6.2 Release Notes:

ER-6198: Resolved an issue where the controller kept a track of old client connection data, which resulted in incorrect display of client connection failures.

To understand these failures, you can select an AP where you are seeing high failures and go to health tab for that AP. Under the health tab you have two sections, one for performance and the other for client connection failures. If you go to client connection failures you will have complete plots showing under which above category are the failures happening. Now if necessary you can choose failure types as show below and also click on individual failure type to see which clients are failing. This feature was introduced to help customer debug his network issues."