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We detected most of our AP with Flagged status. This status happened randomly with random APs. The Flagged type is AP health high connection failure flag. Code 330.
Do anyone has any idea why this issue can occurred and how to solve it.  

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What ticket number David, I'd like to look into it, what bug they think it matched, etc...


I have not been given a bug (AR?) number on this one, which makes me a little uneasy.

Ok, I opened a ticket on this a month ago and here's the result. First, I actually let them connect to my NATed vSZ over the internet where they installed two APs, each into different zones with 3.5/3.6 firmware respectively. After a couple of weeks of them running the APs on my vSZ this is what I got back from support yesterday:

I hope you are doing good.

 I have created the below setup on your controller to check the connection failure issue on lab APs. Thereafter, I have mapped the wrong vlan under the Wlan settings to fail the clients to get an IP from the DHCP. So, the APs should show the connection failure rate in the UI.

 1) Zone: Ruckus Test 3.6.2 and Wlan: 00Test-3.6.2 Client's devices were failed to connect to the SSID(00Test-3.6.2) due to the DHCP issue. I could see 100% connection failure rate and historical report of client's connection under the health Tab of the AP. The AP was displayed the accurate results in the UI.

 2) Zone: Ruckus Test 3.5.1 and Wlan: 00Test-3.5.1 I have connected the same devices to the SSID(00Test-3.5.1) to check the failure rate and noticed that there were no connection failures reported on the AP for the clients who were failed to connect to the SSID.

 I have analyzed the flagged APs(Default Zone) in your controller and could see the connection failures reported due to the DHCP failure. Client might have faced the difficulty to get an IP from the DHCP server at that moment. Please see the attached screenshot of historical report for your reference. The above test concludes that the connection failure algorithm is not working properly in the 3.5.1 software version and there is no miscalculation of connection failures in the version.

 As I informed earlier, the connection failure rate that is shown in the UI is a cumulative value of the AP. The AP would take into account Auth, Assoc, EAP, RADIUS and DHCP for reporting connection failures.

Connection failures are calculated at 90 seconds interval. If during that time there are only failed attempts (even a single one) and no successful ones, the system will display 100% connection failure.

Soooo... my interpretation from all that is 1. Ruckus changed their algorithm in 3.6 to make it super-sensitive to DHCP failures and they are claiming that *3.5* is actually the broken version when it comes to connection failure flagging. 2. They seem to think that a SINGLE FAILURE within a 90 sec window should mean "100% connection failure rate"!? I honestly think there is still a bug and they just can't see it. We are seeing NO connectivity issues (that users can actually notice, anyway) and the ONLY difference is 3.5 (works fine) vs. 3.6 (reports crazy 100% connection failures on just about every AP). 

I'm done dealing with Ruckus on this, and hope that they somehow get enough complaints to actually look into it at an engineering level someday. For now, it looks like we're all stuck with permanently (and falsely) flagged APs. Sigh.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Jim,

What was your ticket number please?  Are you using the same AP models in both zones?

I want to be sure there's a bug filed on the over sensitive SZ release, thanks.

Ticket #00927433  They used R700 in both tests/zones, which match some of our APs (we also have R600/610/710 also show the same flagging behavior).