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New Contributor II
We detected most of our AP with Flagged status. This status happened randomly with random APs. The Flagged type is AP health high connection failure flag. Code 330.
Do anyone has any idea why this issue can occurred and how to solve it.  

Sorry, I dropped the ball and never opened a ticket. I'll see if I can get to it this week. (It's soooo painful to deal with support in my experience...)

Esteemed Contributor II
Let me help, the key is knowing what they will ask you for!

Product :  What kind of SZ - SZ300 / SZ100 / vSZ
Serial Num:  They will ask...
SW Version: Important, since you didn't see the problem till upgrade
Logs:  Can you get logs from this Zone in advance?

If you have this ready, they may just need to open a ticket for you, send you a greeting msg with the case number, and you can reply back with your logs for them to go thru, search for bugs, etc.

Thanks. I opened a ticket. We'll see where it leads!

Thanks. I opened a ticket. We'll see where it leads!

Good luck.  I've had a ticket opened since 11/8/18.  It's been "sent to engineering" several times, only for me to get contacted again to provide more information "so we can send it to engineering".  I just got another email a couple of days ago with the same update that was sent two months ago.  I'm hoping this was an error and they really don't need further information from me/you/us.

They said they confirmed the issue, but it seems to be going nowhere.  Since this is something that "engineering" broke with an update, I'd think it would be fairly simple to unbreak it.