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9.12 and 710's ZD3050 saw tooth pings

New Contributor III
Issue with ping and network latency.

Esteemed Contributor II
Can you describe your network a little?  Do you have ZD/APs on a dedicated VLAN?  Do you have a large flat network with devices pumping lots of multicast/broadcast traffic?  A network flooded with many small packets can lead to your symptoms.  Are certain departments/users transferring large files at top/bottom of the hour?  Segmentation to smaller subnets to limit broadcast domains is the suggested workaround for bcast/mcast floods, but more analysis may be necessary if the network is overloaded at regular intervals.

Contributor III
FYI: laptops that were running inSSIDer had wifi round-trip times vary wildly.

New Contributor
We are having a very similar issue. Many clients with different wireless cards are dropping connection. The client will sit in the same spot but will randomly drop off connection. Anyone else seeing anything like this? ZD3050 with all R710 running 140.

Contributor III
I have seen issues w/ R700s, specifically on the 5Ghz radio. (running a ZD3050 w/ build 218)
Most of the R700s work most of the time but sometimes one of them will flake out.

Clients get intermittant connectivity and sometimes no connectivity but usually stay associated.
Because the problem is seen on the 5Ghz side, mac users (and computers with wifi configured to prefer 5Ghz connections) often report the problem when other PC users do not.
Rebooting the the AP resolves the problem.
My problem is finding out which APs need to be rebooted and when.

Does an AP reboot give you some relief?