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802.11ax in industry 4.0

New Contributor II
Hi all !
Can anybody tell me about some Ruckus products?
We build some manufacturing  4.0  with wireless network and now we search wireless vendors and choice between two big players)
1)why Ruckus dont have a outdoor (industrial) AP with wifi 6 ? its temp problem and this AP will can made in future?
2)why WiFi 6 AP dont have externall antenna? If we have a problem with mounting AP , we can use externall antennas , but ruckus dont have it (
Thanks for your help.

Valued Contributor
Hi Ivan,

Ruckus has a locationing solution called SPoT:  SPoT is primarily a Wi-Fi locationing engine, with basic reporting and visualisation capability.

However it sounds like you need much more accurate locationing, as you say; a low-power RF solution is better suited to this.  Ruckus Wi-Fi 6 APs will have built-in BLE/ZigBee radios. You will need to look at deploying Ruckus vRIoT to enable the AP's built-in BLE/ZigBee functionality:

I would recommend you consider a multi-vendor solution, for example with one of our technology partners Kontakt.IO:

I hope the above information helps.