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7982: Linksys Wireless Bridge Can't Connect

New Contributor III
I've been fiddling with a 7982 in my home network and can't get this to work. Hoping for some advice:

I have an older Linksys B/G router flashed with DD-WRT. I have it running in what it calls "Client Bridge" mode, basically forming a wireless bridge between this device and my Buffalo wireless router.

With the 7982 arriving, I disabled the Buffalo's wireless capabilities, connected the 7982 to the router, setup both 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz radios and my devices are able to connect without a problem. Unfortunately, the LInksys just won't connect.

Looking at Connected Devices for the 2.4ghz radio, I'll see the MAC of the Linksys appear there, but it'll be the wrong IP address. The linksys is set at, but according to the 7982, it's at

From a computer wired to the Linksys, I try to continually ping the Buffalo router and receive a 75% packet loss (or more). When I can ping the router, I'll get 10 straight seconds worth followed by a minute or more of timeouts. Successful pings are always in succession. I do have internet access on the wired computer if I manage to bring up a webpage during the very brief window it's pinging successfully.

At first I thought the Channelfly feature was confusing the old Linksys, but I disabled that and set the 7982 to Channel 11. Linksys page confirms it's connected to the 7982 at Channel 11.

Both devices are probably within 6 feet of each other during this test process, but they're not like sitting directly on top of each other. 7982 security is set to WPA, WPA2, PSK, AES. Linksys security is set to WPA2 Personal, AES and it does have the proper PSK in it.

I am getting this on a regular basis in the logs (be:04 is the Linsys MAC)

Dec 6 04:15:12 RuckusAP daemon.warn Eved: STA-DISASSOC-REASON,nimac=00:1d:7e:d2:be:04,func=ieee80211_recv_mgmt,line=5648,hint=recv disassociate (reason 8),rx_rssi=54,ack_rssi=0,reason=0,freq=2462,chan=11,stats=(1077,106386,1337,142762)

Also, getting this at least 3 times a minute in the log files:
Dec 6 04:35:56 RuckusAP channel-wifi1: channel 165 now UNBLOCKED
Dec 6 04:35:56 RuckusAP daemon.err channel-wifi1: unable to set wlan8 channel to 165
Dec 6 04:35:56 RuckusAP user.warn kernel: findchannel:830 Couldn't find matching channel for chan(165) flags(0X80100)

The only other interesting data point that I have is that my wife's Kindle Paperwhite was having intermittent internet access to the new 7982 last night. Sadly I haven't really tested out my other wireless devices other than "yup it connected and seems to be running pretty well with better range than my Buffalo".

Thanks for any/all help. This has been driving me nuts the past couple of days.

One more note before pushing Post: While typing this message, I have been constantly pinging my Buffalo from my wired computer, and it had a solid 2 minutes of successful pings before timing out. Best consecutive rate I've seen yet but sadly it started to time out right as I started typing this paragraph.. grr..

Valued Contributor II
@Phil - yes, this isn't something we're going to be able to help further with.

On the channel 165 issue, it looks like it will be addressed in both 9.7.0 and 9.6.2 (9.7.0 will release first)

New Contributor III
Thanks again for your help. I'll keep an eye out for the firmware update to fix the channel 165 issue.