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802.11ad products

New Contributor III
Is Ruckus having any future plans with 802.11ad (such as a tri-band AP)?
I’m asking this because we already have the pressure of our users (professors, researchers etc.) to introduce devices such as the Dell Wireless Dock (which uses the 60GHz band for enabling transfer of files from a laptop to a display etc.) in our campus environment. We received one unit for testing and we should decide if we allow them on our campus or not.

We wonder if these units will later interfere with an AP which would also be using the 60GHz band.
It seems that Cisco considers a tri-band AP (after partnership with Wilocity) so it is very probable that such a product will exist.
It would be useful to know if Ruckus intends to offer a product with tri-band capability. This would be an argument to ban these wireless docking stations now and stop staff buying them.
Another option is to allow them and in some years’ time, when they will already be prevalent, be in the situation in which we have to explain people that they aren’t allow to use them anymore (due to interference of our 60GHz capable APs, this would not be easy).

Now we are still in the position in which we can choose (banning or allowing them).

Valued Contributor II
Hi Alex,

We can't discuss product roadmap in a public forum, so please work with your reseller to contact your regional Ruckus sales engineer for that discussion.