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7962 adoption to a ZD 3050 HELP

New Contributor
I have a customer that has a existing Network comprised of 20+  7962 AP's and few 7982 AP's. They are  adding a ZD 3050. My question is if I downgrade the Zone director to Firmware version 9.8.1 so the older AP's will  work , will the 7962's auto adopt to the Zone director ? and how hard is it to Downgrade firmware I have never done that before with a ZD 3050

Esteemed Contributor II
Joshua, ZD3K version is recommended over 9.8.1, available from this link:

And there will be a 9.8 MR3 update with bug fixes expected sometime this summer too,
for customers with 7962s in thier deployment base.

Be aware that you CAN downgrade your ZD firmware, but you MAY LOSE YOUR CONFIGURATION,
back to factory default state (IP =, admin/admin login credentials).

Your APs will still have their names when they rejoin your ZD3K on 9.8, and will automatically
load the same version firmware as the ZD.  You may need to re-enter the AP 'Location' fields.

If you load a current ZD debug file (from Administer/Diagnostics) into the Log Analyzer (Rowdy)
on our Support site, you can see your WLAN details, so you can re-create them after downgrading.

New Contributor II
HI Michael & Joshua. Can the downgrade be done via OpenVPN? I have previously only attempted "stepped" upgrades.

I'm not sure I understand Bradley.  You can be remote from the ZD (ie over a VPN connection), as long as you have the firmware on your machine and HTTPS (TCP:443) access thru any firewall, you can upgrade thru the ZD WebUI, Administer::Upgrade page.

New Contributor II
Hi Michael. I was told by Ruckus Support that ZD upgrades must preferably be done locally for different versions, but it worked via OpenVPN, will downgrades also work via VPN? Or does it depend on the software version?