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7731 PtMP to AP's instead of to another 7731

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Can a 7731 be used in PtMP mode to shoot a signal to 7363 AP's? (or other Ruckus AP's ?)

I have a situation where i need to get signal inside some apartments across a parking lot from where the WAN equipment is and its proved difficult so far with a 7762 - i do get a signal in those apartments from a 7762 but its very weak.

Since i had a lightning strike to that 7762 i only have 7731's left in stock (local Ruckus agent does not keep stocks in country so long lead times to get radios)

So in order to get this job done i have to use what i have at hand.

I have 4 x 7731's and 8 x 7363's plus a few other AP's (7321, 7341, 7982 that i brought in so i could actually see the product as the agent does not do this)

So the question - can i use a 7731 in PtMP mode to get a signal to a 7363 (since dual band)?

If i cant do that to a 7363 AP , would a 7982 AP be any different?

If possible i dont want to use a 7731 on each end then run ethernet from the 7731 to one of the indoor radios i have.

Will what i propose work? If not how else can i do this?

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@ Kalyan

Thank you for your reply and jumping in on this.

We have managed to resuscitate what we thought was a dead 7762. So we are now going to deploy that in this situation and can avoid the use of 7731's for now. What really puts me off using the 7731's is that they are not under ZD control. I need the visibility as we manage the site from far far away.

At another site we did use EMAP's and this worked wonderfully.

At the end of the day there is no substitute for education - we need to do Ruckus training as the product line is extensive and many things are possible with this wonderful gear.

Edit: sorry forgot to add - yes we do work with Michael and he is great. He really jumps around to help us when needed - no problem there at all. Ruckus support is 1st rate all the way with whoever we work with when we turn to Ruckus for help. But i Guess Michael has no control over what the in country agent stocks.

I do understand all the angles here and see no way to solve the issue unless Ruckus can find someone locally who wants to dive in and stock and support the product. Its going to be a leap of faith on the part of the in country agent to drop at least 50K on stock and spares and commit to sending staff to the US for training on an ongoing basis....but hey if you want to be agent you should commit to this ..right?

All of this comes under the heading of supply. I'm not sure whats happening in other parts of the world, but here its just not sorted ....yet.

But when it comes to RF design, Ruckus have killed it!!! Ruckus RF design is simply amazing stuff!!

So although supply is a thorn in my side, i'm not leaving Ruckus anytime soon 🙂

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@Mark. Two points

1. 7731 can be managed via FlexMaster all the ZDs and Stand-alone APs also

2. If you are selling APs to customers you will loose most of the time. If you sell a working solution you will win 80% of the "fair fights" like we do. Ubiquity is SOHO not enterprise. Fact.

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1/ Ok so not sure about this - i need to get one of 7731's hooked up to see if the ZD can manage it or not (Robert says it cant - "7363s can only be setup in Mesh if they're ZD controlled and the 7731 is not ZD controlled"). You say it can, and i can see from your many posts you have deep experience in the product.

2/ Totally agree Ubiquity is SOHO. My point is the wi-fi uneducated masses go this way 90% of the time. Fact.

3/ I've taken to insisting that if my end users want support they must use Ruckus radios - so far I've used a ZD at each installation but this is costly. I saw in another thread the idea of using a VM ZD - GREAT IDEA !!!! If we could have this we could absolutely kill it here.

4/ I've got a Flexmaster licence and servers in the cloud to set it up on - just have not set it up yet. So will get to that soon because i am now starting off to install stand alone Ruckus AP's - simply cant justify the cost of the ZD at most sites. Hotels are different of course - but for a small office a ZD just does not fly - but we need the visibility. Hoping Flex master gives us what we need.

However when we do have a ZD at site - it is really really nice to have that level of control and visibility. No question about it.

4/ You seem to have great knowledge and experience in Ruckus - would love to have you on my team - FACT 🙂

Valued Contributor
1. No no no. 7731 can't be managed via ZD. only by FM!!! But you can manage APs and ZD via FM also.

3. I don't expect ZD on VM to be cheap. You need the VM + the ZD licence which RW will probably price the same.

4. Skype is m4r1n1ch. Contact me and we'll talk 🙂

New Contributor III
1. Got it. Need to get my FM up and running to see what we get out of it. Hopes are high for excellence and my guess is it probably is the best thing since sliced bread knowing how Ruckus do everything else..

2. Agree on all points - except once you have the VM platform in place we can do so many other things with it. So even if it costs the same as a ZD in the end we are still so much further ahead because of other services we can deploy on the hardware. With a ZD i can only manage AP's, with a VM platform the world is my oyster!

3. Indeed, lets talk.