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7363 with Comcast

New Contributor
I have a 7363 that I want to connect to a standard comcast cable modem
I willl be replacing an existing wifi router that has terrible wifi performance.

I can get the 7363 running in full bridge mode,with an ethernet cable to my existing router no problem. I am using that configuration now - connecting to the wifi networks on the 7363

When I try and swtich to router mode with NAT things get a bit weird.
I setup the wifi networks to use NAT to the WAN from a local IP subnet.

Before i connect the 7363 to the comcast modem, I use my mac and connect wirelessly to the 7363 no problem. It assigns me an address from the local subnet ( and i can configure the 7363 w/o issues.

I then connect the wan port to the comcast modem. My MAC now gets an address coming from the 67.x.x.x block - which makes no sense to me. Comcast is assigning my existing router in the 174.x.x.x block, so i have no clue where the 67.x.x.x is coming from.

I have the internet setting on the 7363 set to DHCP and I have tried every combination of setting on the ethernet port that connects to the comcast modem I can think of

Can anyone help?


Valued Contributor II
Set the ethernet port connected to your modem as Bridge to WAN.
Set up a local subnet (sounds like you have already) and apply that to the WLAN as "Local Subnet NAT and route to WAN"

That's pretty much all you need. If that's not working, your AP may just be horribly confused and need a reset. Power-cycling your cable modem might not hurt either.

Another alternative would be to use your old router (turn the wifi off) and just plug into that in bridge mode. You may get some additional security as a result.

New Contributor

Switch your old router off and connect it to the new one using its network cable in "bridge mode".