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2nd cable causes wireless clients to not be able to connect r510

New Contributor

I am testing a ruckus 510 in standalone mode V: I have managed to set it up fine, plugged into a POE switch and it works great with one cable as soon as I plug a 2nd cable in I cannot connect to the AP from any wireless device. Both Ethernet ports are enabled and set up the same

Trunk Port

Bridge to WAN

802 disabled


Am I missing something?



Contributor III
Why are you connecting the second cable and what is it connected to?

New Contributor III
It sounds to me that you expect the interfaces to support Link Aggregation. Not all of our APs support this feature. Only the high end APs support this today. Make sure your AP model supports it and make sure the switch it is connected to is also set up correctly for link Aggregation.

New Contributor III
I just saw you are using an R510. That AP does't support Link Aggregation. The second port can be used to extend your network to say another computer or printer. Logically it is the same port.

New Contributor
The 2nd cable was connected to the same switch, so I assume I was causing a loop on the network. Ok for some reason thought they did. cheers for looking into it and your quick response was driving me mad last couple of days!