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Zoneplanner for OSX

New Contributor II
SoI bought the zoneplanner software for my Mac. I get my serials and stuff in my mail and I register the product on the airmagnet site. But then I can only download the windows version and not OSX. So I contacted fluke support but they redirect me to Ruckus Support.. 

So where can I download the Mac version? It's described in the product features as "multi-platform" for Windows/Mac, but no documentation whatsoever is to be found 😞

I already made a case, but I thought I should try the forum also..

New Contributor II
Well, that's not going to plan at all..

I got a reply from support that I should install Boot Camp on my Mac so I can run the software.. excuse me?

The software features page clearly states the following:

  • Multi-platform (Windows/MAC) support

ZonePlanner is WiFi planning software that lets network administrators design and optimize Ruckus Smart Wireless LANs prior to deployment. Running on Microsoft Windows and MAC OS platforms, ZonePlanner includes unique 802.11n coverage maps for operating mode, channel width and network performance, provides manual and automatic AP placement, and robust modeling capabilities. ZonePlanner accounts for building materials, obstructions, access point configurations, antenna patterns, and a host of other variables to provide a reliable predictive map of Wi-Fi signal and performance.

So ehh.. what is this?

You should have waited and bought Ekahau when it comes out for OSX later this year:

Zoneplanner is just Airmagnet

Your answer is here:

Then click on Specs on the side bar:

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Have a look at NetSpot.. we use it here, and it's great.

That NetSpot looks great actually, more support then the zoneplanner..