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zone director not working after firmware upgrade

New Contributor
Hi! I have upgraded my zonedirector 1100 from to and now it is not working... unable to ping it. status led is not blinking, unable to do a factory restore. Any idea what to do?

Regards Blaž

New Contributor
Hello I have same Problem after new Start.
I connect a console-Cable.

I see Startupmessage...

The last ist:
max trans len 1024, max batch 900, max commit age 30, max trans age 30
ReiserFS: sda4: checking transaction log (sda4)
watchdog_task: 35 seconds since last rsmd update

watchdog_task ....

go to :
1200 Sek later...

watchdog_task: 1200 seconds since last rsmd update

watchdog_task: nWDT device closed unexpectedly. WDT will not stop!
o rsmd update in 1205 seconds, watchdog exit!!!

watchdog_task: exiting

*** soft watchdog stopped ***
--> initializing oops_hdr(0xa7ff0000)[size=64512]: total_boot=1 Image: type=1 in

@ j=fd280, c0=164a0927
Watchdog Timeout ! @ jiffies=fd280, c0_count=16576bed

@ jiffies=fd280, c0_count=1672b05c
cpu 15 0 747 1044 131878 0 6 0
processes 118 procs_running 0 procs_blocked 1
mem(kB) 126484 102504 16800 1928 1760 17496
Current: pid=0 state=00

Then Start Machine new......