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zd1200 10.1.2 upgrade to 10.2.1 then license gone

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i upgrade my zd1200 version to 10.1.2 form 9.13 last time , that was perfect , everything is ok .

but this time , i upgrade version to 10.2.1 form 10.1.2 , the ap license was gone , and the supporting license was gone too ,

but according to webui shows , the aps were already configued and they were auto upgraded to 10.2.1 . it seems to their configuration is ok . it seems to the zd1200 and r700 aps still works normally .

i dont konw ruckus productions very much . so please tell me , what should i do next ? this status will affect my company to surf the internet ?

is it upgrade causing the ap license gone ? i never see that problem in the forums .

is it very bad phenomenon to me rightnow , this status will affect my company to surf the internet after few days ?


Image_ images_messages_6156b3a7ede20131f3b0023c_c884b177dfc34bed5f8b25eaf30d52b1__20211001150632-fef8c52f-9b4c-4ffe-b41d-54aa7af2c2e7-1846127360.png

the supporting license

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Image_ images_messages_6156b515c70d09623cfc5416_0e7ffcffaacd734d5caf72462fb6fcc2__20211001151003-bfe38e39-c8d7-42f8-83e6-37dd75764403-1821048323.png

ap license .

Image_ images_messages_6156b515c70d09623cfc5416_4f2559d5922d3959588b29d7dfd05f94__20211001151300-ffbb5d5f-7771-4835-b895-962a5ebab3c2-838692157.png

Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Joe,

As per the serial number, controller has no valid support contract so first thing I am wondering how you upgraded the controller (for upgrade post 9.10 version, valid support contract is mandatory).

Now talk about the AP licenses. As per data base, your ZD has 5+5 AP licenses, total 10.

If APs are functioning, I don't think there is any issue but may a glitch in the GUI. Try a restart and see if that fixes the issue.

Also I recommend you to purchase the support to get official RUCKUS support for any device related issues.

Syamantak Omer
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I wonder if this is the same problem I have. It started after upgrading from to and is still persistent on Many settings pages are just empty. So you think you have no license because it isn't showing

Something in the firmware coupled with an update in Edge/Chrome 93 and later how it reads javascript or something. Means many settings are just shown as blank.

It works if you downgrade to Edge 92 or in Firefox.

For example on the System settings page mulitple errors.

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE _cmdstat.jsp:1 
Failed to load resource: net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE _conf.jsp:1

Don't know if I should downgrade back to or if upgrading to the latest will solve it?