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zd1200 10.1.2 upgrade to 10.2.1 then license gone

New Contributor II


i upgrade my zd1200 version to 10.1.2 form 9.13 last time , that was perfect , everything is ok .

but this time , i upgrade version to 10.2.1 form 10.1.2 , the ap license was gone , and the supporting license was gone too ,

but according to webui shows , the aps were already configued and they were auto upgraded to 10.2.1 . it seems to their configuration is ok . it seems to the zd1200 and r700 aps still works normally .

i dont konw ruckus productions very much . so please tell me , what should i do next ? this status will affect my company to surf the internet ?

is it upgrade causing the ap license gone ? i never see that problem in the forums .

is it very bad phenomenon to me rightnow , this status will affect my company to surf the internet after few days ?


Valued Contributor II

Never seen this happen, and I work with Ruckus equipment from 2006.

Anyway, support license isn't a problem at all (if you have a valid support contract) -- ZD checks support status on WEB, and it will download current support entitlement file from Ruckus automatically (or you can download it manually from support site and upload to ZD, if ZD has no access to Internet).  If your support contract is ended, than it will show, and you'll be unable to upgrade ZD to any new version.

If the AP upgrade license is lost, than you need reapply it. You can access it on support site ( ), when you locate your purchase code and click it, there is a button "Download license". You need to upload this file to ZD. 

If you don't have any info to access this,  just ask Ruckus support for help -- provide ZD serial number, describe a problem and support will provide you both files.  

Valued Contributor II

By the way,  if you loos AP license, than you'll have only 5 AP connecting to Z, others will not connect and will not service clients. So if all your APs actually work now, you haven't lost a license.

@eizens_putnins thank you for your anwser very much . my zd1200 support contract is ended indeed , and i already reloaded the entitlement file , but the zd dont show any wrong output , my zd sn is 101608000217 . i upgrade the 9.13 to 10.1.2 last time , everything is ok ,  i dont konw why this time fail , because last time was perfect , even my support contract is ended .

besides , i dont remark the ap license purchase code before the upgrade , because i work this campany not long time , but the zd is arranged for few years .

i can upload my zd webui showing picture to you later on . wish you can give me advice .

@eizens_putnins by the way , i am a chinese , ruckus supporting is very rare here . i dont know who can officially help me .