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why are all of my zf7962 AP's upgrading their firmware on their own?

New Contributor II
I have a ZD1100 running build 15. it controls 8 APs all zf7962. The firmware has been upgraded to the latest for a while now. This morning however 4 of the APs seem to have reverted back to a 9.3 version of the firmware and now are updating their firmware over and over again (i assume trying to get back to 9.6 version) effectively bringing down the wireless network for half the office.

Anyone know why this would happen and what ic an do to prevent the APs from upgrading their firmware on their own even though they are controlled by the ZD and i never ok'ed an upgrade?

New Contributor II
as a follow up i can not reach my ZD controller at all anymore via web page or ssh. so maybe this is all hardware failure.

Valued Contributor II
Hello sg,


4 of the APs which reverted back to a 9.3, are they on remote site?
how are these 4 AP's different from others which are working ok?
What is status for LED -status on ZD? Is it blinking RED or ?

AP reverting back to old version is strange.

New Contributor II
thanks for the reply.

none of the AP's are on a remote site. they are in a different office than the one i am in but they have their own ZD in that office. the only thing that is different about those APs are that they are on a separate vlan from the other 4 but all 8 are in the same office.

2 of the APs are still upgrading firmware according to the ZD. just doing it over and over and over.

all LED status on the ZD is green.

so at this point i am thinking of maybe a factory reset on the 2 APs still causing trouble or maybe writing them off as hardware failure.

Esteemed Contributor II
7962s are certainly supported since version 8.1 of ZoneFlex, and I could have
agreed that code got bigger so remote sites over VPN WAN links might need
to adjust MTU, but not for APs local to the ZD.

Since was posted last week, I'd recommend a backup/upgrade of your
ZD and another evaluation of the AP behavior. Be sure to have DHCP and see
that your ZD can ping all the APs. If you still cannot get all APs to upgrade, open
a support case and upload your ZD Debug (from Administer/Diagnostics), with
the Access Points component enabled, and we'll take a deeper look.