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smartzone vs zonedirector

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what are the major differences between smartzone and zonedirector?
does zonedirector support active/active HA?


David Liu

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ZD support HA in 1) Active/standy mode and 2) primary controller secondary controller mode.

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major differences between smartzone and zonedirector ??

Well both are controllers (hardward n virtualized) and does similar job however it depends which one is right controller for you based on your current and future needs/ requirements.

Small set up of under 75 AP's ZD1200 will suffice but if you need high processing controller then you can look at smartzone.

its better you talk to a local system engineer to guide you...

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It has been awhile since I watched this presentation

I thought part of the way through, Ruckus dropped some hints that the long term solution for most customers was going to be the virtual smartzone solution. Certainly if you already have a virutalized infrastructure, the virtual smartzone seems a natural fit. Run two of them, one in a data center, and one in a DR site and you have fail-over as well.

I was told that zone director and virtual smartzone run the same code and are now at feature parity

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ZD: You can right-click, open in new tab on any AP, client, WLAN etc
SZ: You cannot.. you lose your search and have to start over any time you click anything.

ZD: You can use anything for a guest passphrase.
SZ: You are prohibited from using the letters I, O, L and the numbers and 1.  Per support, this cannot be turned off.  

The technical aspects of SZ are improved.  The interface is degraded.