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setup a captive portal

New Contributor
i want to use ruckus system in my school for the students. i want to use a captive portal for student authentication that will redirect all students to an external landing page (schools's webpage). my WiFi service provider said to me that RUCKUS don't recommend to use the built in captive portal in the WLC, because it causes a lot of problems when students will connect to the system. i would like to know what is the official ruckus recommendation for using the internal captive portal. i would also like to know if it's possible to use a third party solution for this that will work along side with the ruckus system. 
thank you!

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Jhon,

    Your local VAR or Ruckus account team would be best to discuss pros and cons, and there

are a number of authentication methods designed for schools.  Internal WebAuth is hosted by

the ZD, and can use an internal DB or your RADIUS/AD user database, while a HotSpot is the

external hosted Login page and authentication server solution.  Onboarding with Zero-IT and

Dynamic PSKs are an option, with number of allowed device limits, for another example.  The

size of your network/deployment and number of students/clients might require more robust ZD

models, but there should be a design for your desired solution.  And our sales guys would be

happy to talk to you.

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