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ruckus zone director cluster config

New Contributor II
can anyone guide withe Zone director cluster config

here requirement is that we have two ZD on two floor .

when user is in 1st floor , they are authenticated and if they move in the 2nd floor he must not be asked for connecting again .

Please suggest what need to be done for this .


Valued Contributor II
Hi Abhinav,

If ZD are in cluster or Smart redundancy mode and at any point of time, AP are talking to one ZD ONLY so i don't understand your comment "two ZD on two floor"

Any specific reason for keeping 1st ZD at X floor and 2nd ZD at Y floor?

I am assuming lots of things with limited info about the issue at the moment hence your issue should not happen.

May i know which version of firmware?
Is WLAN with captive portal and AD etc? If yes, WLAN with open or WPA, do you see this issue?

hope this helps

New Contributor II
yes WLAN is with captive Portal and Yes with AD


Esteemed Contributor II
A ZoneDirector "cluster" is called Smart Redundancy, where you have two ZDs (that
can be on different switches/floors). One ZD is in Active mode, and one ZD is in
Standby mode. All APs are managed by the Active ZD, so Clients roaming between
APs will all be connected to your Active ZD, that maintains session information, so
that they will not have to re-authenticate.

New Contributor II
Thanks Sir

Could you provide me link for Zone director smart redundancy config Guide .