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r700 Stand Alone - Wireless Access Password

New Contributor
Deployed a r700 at a conference venue yesterday and it was FANTASTIC. Free WiFi was available to all delegates. I know would like to restrict usage by forcing users to enter a password when connecting to a SSID (like other AP do)
Please explain how this is achieved or if there is software to download to force users to do an initial login.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Mike,

Instead of the "User" credentials from the AP bottom label, try the "ISP" login uid=super, pw=sp-admin from an HTTP session. In the AP WebUI, from Configure::
Radio 2.4G or Radio 5G, you will see tabs across the top with Common and 8
individual WLANs that can be setup with unique authentication methods, from
Open Auth, to a WPA2-AES PSK (passphrase) that you can provide to your WiFi
users upon arrival, if this is what you seek. Individual username/password type
of authentication involving a RADIUS server (802.1x) is a little more involved.