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Zoneflex and ZD3000 setting notification upon disconnected

New Contributor III
I want to know how to have the ZD3K send an alert within 5 minutes of any 7372 or R500 going disconnected.
We have tested the email setup, and get test messages. Just cannot find where to set the delay timer for alerts on disconnect.


Esteemed Contributor II
The ZoneDirector does not consider an AP to be Disconnected for 20 minutes before sending email alerts.
We exchange heartbeats between AP/ZD, and have programmed recovery attempts into the equation, before deciding they are truely "disconnected".

The details, from KBA-1658: What does the "heartbeat lost" message indicate?

ZoneDirector (ZD)  and connected Access Points (AP) expect heartbeat (echo) requests or responses in 40 and 30 seconds respectively. If not ZD and AP would consider the heartbeat is lost.

ZD side

a.       After 2 consecutive (80 seconds) heartbeat losses, ZD raises a "heartbeat lost" alert and deletes the AP.

b.      After another 20 minutes, if the AP does not discover and join ZD, ZD raises "Lost contact to AP" alert.

AP side

c.       After a heartbeat lost (30 seconds),  AP sends 12 consecutive heartbeat requests every 5 seconds (total 60 seconds).  If it still does not hear a response from ZD, AP enters Sole Run state and starts to send discovery request.

d.      In Sole Run state, AP sends out discovery request every 5 seconds for 15 minutes.  After receiving no responses, AP will reboot and leave a reboot reason viewable in support text stating "cannot discover ZD in 180 attempts".

Hey Michael, sorry to bump this from the grave. This is great info for troubleshooting AP registration. Is there an additional whitepaper/KB that lists all of the possible AP states, and all of these steps along with their required ports? I'm looking for a definitive source of truth for the AP registration process, in detail. I am struggling to find something like this. 

Is this info from KBA-1565: Ports that need to be opened for successful communication between different Ruckus devices, helpful?


AP→ZD LWAPP: UDP destination port 12222 and 12223

AP→ZD SpeedFlex: UDP port 18301

ZD→AP firmware upgrade: AP initiates, active FTP (TCP:20,21)

ZD→ZD Smart redundancy: TCP destination port 443 and port 33003 (open in both directions)


registration/informs: TCP destination port 443

FM→ZD management interface: TCP destination port as specified in FM Inventory ‘Device Web Port Number Mapping’

FM→ZD firmware upgrade: TCP destination port 443

FM (ZD template feature) : TCP port 60001 ~ 60010

FM → AP : TCP port 8082

FM → AP firmware upgrade: TCP port 80

Standalone AP → FM registration/first time connection: TCP port 80/443

FM → AP template: TCP port 80/443

FM → AP auto-configuration: TCP port 80/443

AP → FM with TR069, TCP:7547

FW ports for Guest VLAN to ZD:  HTTP (TCP:80), and TCP:9999, 9998, 9997

and  (tcp:21) for firmware updates using FTP

Or if you have SZ, from KBA-3402: SmartZone ports to be open on a Firewall w/NAT

3. Port forward vSCG necessary ports.
UDP:12223,123,161; TCP:21,22,91,443,8080,8443,8090,8099,8100,8111,9997,9998,9080,9443,16384-65000

12223: ZD AP using LWAPP join
123: AP sync ntp with SCG
161: SNMP query

21 : ZD AP fw update via FTP
22 : SCG AP communicated with SCG
91 : SCG AP fw update via HTTP
443 : Let SCG AP get SSH private key
8080 : SCG setup wizard GUI
8443 : SCG GUI
8090, 8099, 8100, 8111, 9997, 9998 : For WISPr
9080, 9443 : For Northbound API (NBI)
16384-65000: For ZD AP fw update via FTP

Note: If the SZ controller is the Ruckus Cloud, be sure no webfilter blocking access to