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New Contributor
I am trying to connect to my ruckus network but when I enter the passcode it just resets back to the beginning, although it has accepted the pw

Valued Contributor II
Hi John,

Do you run the network? What type of encryption is being used?

New Contributor
hi keith,

sorry maybe I was a little vague in the last post.

Ok I should start by describing the situation, I recently moved into my new job located in a hotel, the hotel is using the ruckus Wi-Fi system, the Wi-Fi system is open to join so no wep/wap required, then upon opening a web page you are prompted for a guest password (powered by ruckus), upon enetering the password it is accepted and forwarded to the T's & C's which accepted forwards to a continue page. upon continuing on my pc and lap top it goes forward straight to my homepage but upon continuing on my ps3 it resets back to asking for the password, I have tried various passwords and a few system resets and Wi-Fi hub resets but nothing sees to work, our hotel does not have a IT department and an outside company was used to install the system.

I hope this helps,

many thanks,

Valued Contributor
I had a similar issue with an older FW. Although it was not using PS3. I think it was 9.4.3. Maybe an upgrade is due.

New Contributor II
no it not works somebody knows what to do ?