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iOS 6 and DPSKs in Tabbed windows

I've set up a series of html pages to issue profiles, etc to students and staff based on their device type. For some reason (on iOS6 it appears?) opening the http://(zonedirectorIP)/activate doesn't seem to work if opened into a new browsing tab, rather than the tab it is activated from. I've noticed this happen three times in the last few days - twice with iPhone 3Gs and once with a slightly older iPod Touch.

I'd LIKE to use a new tab, as it allows the user to close the tab and continue with further instructions for their setup once the DPSK is installed. Is it something to do with Cookies not transferring over to the new browsing Tab?


Turns out the fix is to:
1) Copy the URL of the page that usually links to http://(zonedirectorIP)/activate
2) Close all browsing Tabs
3) Manually type in http://(zonedirectorIP)/activate
4) Go through DPSK allocation
5) Close the DPSK allocation window
6) Paste in the old URL from step 1
7) Continue through the setup process...

iOS 7 devices, luckily, only have to do steps 5 and 7.