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downgrade ZD1000

New Contributor II
Hi Friends,

I Would like to downgraded my zone director (ZD) 1000 from ZD1000 (MR4) Software Release to ZD1000 (MR2) Software Release

It show below error message 

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e6135b77e2478d5b35_9425346d0a8a87e47e69f88b5904316d_RackMultipart20180810796671ihs-f993b91e-3e36-4016-8adb-640a8d5b968b-811041788.JPG1533891136

..I need help..please assist me

Thank Yo


RUCKUS Team Member
One big question is why downgrade to a previous version of the same level of code.  9.3.4 is the fourth maintenance release of 9.3 with more fixes then 9.3.2 (second MR) but the same features set.
In general, when you upgrade a ZD, a copy of the data base for the previous version is stored permitting you to downgrade back to the exact same version without loosing configuration (factory default). But I do not think downgrading to a previous MR was expected.

I recommend checking the release notes for both versions to note the differences.  The release notes also show the upgrade path.

Dear Albert,

Thank You for your reply..It's really appreciated.

Problem is i have upgraded from to 9.3.4 , i forgot to choose restore the old configuration during upgrading .i have an configuration backup, ZD will not allow restore the old config.i thing it doesn't support the current firmware.

 I want to refer my old configuration . i have started downgrade my ZD from 9.3.4 to 9.0.0.

1.[] to []  downgrade succeed
2.[]  to [] downgrade succeed
3. [] to  []  unable to downgrade due to downgrade package is applicable to (,,,,,,

I need your help to fix this issue.

Thank You

The answer is, if you didn't save a 9.0.0 backup before you upgraded to 9.3.4, you have erased the existing configuration
and will need to set it up again from scratch.  

Since this is the situation, I advise that you upgrade to the current latest code for ZD1000 first.

Hello albert I need your help

You need to reconfigure, after you perform a ZD downgrade, unless you saved a backup from the lower release, assuming you had upgraded from that version previously.

If you have a ZD1000, you should load the last supported version of the firmware with most enhancements/performance/bug fixes.

It will still support all models of AP you have connected to your ZD1000 now.  Here is the link.  There is no Support contract requirement.

Albert offered free advice, and I thank him for his assistance!