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Upgrade path from Zonedirector to SmartZone

Is there any upgrade path to go from a Zonedirector to a SmartZone? Any way we can export our AP groups and WLAN groups and get them into a SmartZone 100?

We're looking at upgrading but re-provisioning all our AP's from scratch would be painful to say the least.

Google doesn't bring up anything and digging on the support KB doesn't either.

Contributor III
You can import ZD config.

Thanks Sean. I've been going through the admin guide but it doesn't seem to cover migration at all, and since it's a different OS I was worried that wouldn't be an option.

Can anyone share an upgrade story? I'm wondering if it makes more sense to simple put the setup SZ 100's on the same IP's as the ZD's currently are and just reboot all the AP's, then they will auto connect, replace their firmware and should work, or it I should migrate to the new controller son new IP addresses.

I'm' also curious about how failover of the controllers work, the SZ 100's run an active/active cluster as far as I've read, does that mean a forced failover event results in no loss of connection on the clients?

I am on holiday so wont be able to give you any insight until I get back too work (1 weeks time)

Hello Mr Watkins,

I know its an old post and i am writing here and i would be kind if you can help me out I am using ZoneDirector 3050 and now i have to change it with SmartZone 100. I have almost over 70 Access Point and its very hectic to make all down and connect them again . Is there any easiest solution i can get the ZD3050 Configuration and paste it in SZ100 . As im afraid the Operating System is change so it might be a problem . I am very glad if you can replz me because i have very less time to complete this work .