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disconnects and latency

New Contributor II
I'm getting short disconnects or maybe traffic issues. The most notable symptom is a hesitation in an RDP (Term Serv) session. It's long enough for the user to notice and miss a keystroke or mouse click, but too short for the session to fail. This happens in multiple locations, multiple APs, from multiple laptops and thin clients.

A quick continuous ping test to the device shows the latency jumping from 1ms to 1500ms for one ping every miniute, and keeps repeting. This may be nothing.

I'm also seeing a couple entries on the syslog that I'd really like to know what is causing them.
" Jun 19 06:51:53 AP-09 kernel: >>>>>> ar5416GetNf: Failed to read CCA reg"
Call this AP-1 and it repetes every 8 minutes.

On another AP, we'll call it AP-2
"Jun 18 12:44:01 AP-07 daemon.warn Eved: STA-DISASSOC-REASON,nimac=78:4b:87:6f:73:94,func=ieee80211_send_mgmt,line=3700,hint=send station disassociate,rx_rssi=41,ack_rssi=0,reason=0,freq=2462,chan=11,stats=(67,4482,73,5464)"
"Jun 18 12:44:07 AP-07 user.notice root: APMGR-Out-Of-Run-State: ------ Sole Run debug info - Start -----"
Followed by debug and restart information. This repetes but not often and I don't a specific pattern, at least not yet.

If anyone has any ideas I'd really appreciate the help.

The problem may have been around for a long time. I've gone over the config way too many times and had an outside Ruckus partner look it over, so I don't think its a config issue. This is also across 2 firmware version, currently at and I don't want to update because of the changes to WPA.



New Contributor II
I`v experienced similar problems and found out an unsynchronized link bwtenn BB switch and the main router. on one hand the ethernet port showd 100 HD and on the adjacent port 100 FD. Try and check all your link syncronization.